Resolve (verb):  To settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter). To decide firmly on a course of action.

Resolve (noun):  Firm determination to do something.  Ex: (He received information that strengthened his resolve). 

As each near year begins, all around the world resolutions are being made.  And, many of those resolutions are broken shortly thereafter!  They consist of good intentions and really great ideas, but how many of us really remember last year’s resolutions?  This year, I’ve decided to focus on the ‘faith that knows no boundaries’ which will strengthen my resolve to reach my destiny in Christ.  My resolve is to experience the best year in His presence that I’ve ever had! 


“Faith Knows No Boundaries” – A story of Determination and Resolve

There’s a wonderful story of a man who was paralyzed, but through faith and resolve, received healing at the hands of Jesus.  It’s found in the second chapter of Mark and the amazing thing about this account is that it was a case of the ‘impossible’ becoming ‘possible’. 

The hopeful paralytic was carried on a bed by four of his friends to a house where Jesus was teaching.  The house was seriously overcrowded and there was no room left for anyone to enter in so they, like many others, were turned away at the door.  It appeared that there was no way to get the man close to Jesus in order to receive prayer for healing.

The four men carrying the paralytic refused to take ‘no’ for an answer.  Through an act of desperation, they climbed on top of the house, tore a hole in the roof and then lowered the man and his bed down where Jesus was standing.  I find this to be a little obnoxious, but the end result was that the man received what he so desperately needed.  I’ve often wondered what the crowd of people on the inside thought and what their expressions were when the paralytic came floating down from the roof.  Jesus’ sermon was interrupted, but the man received his healing at that moment.

It was an impossible situation, but faith operates in the realm of impossibilities.  He refused to let the limitations (boundaries) of an overcrowded house stop him from what he was believing for.  He simply made a decision that he was going to say ‘no’ to the impossibility and ‘yes’ to the faith that changes the impossible to possible. 

  • What information have you received from God’s Word that strengthens your resolve for 2015?
  • Do you have four faith filled friends to support you like the paralytic did?
  • Are there areas in your life where the Lord is asking you to be bold and break down the boundaries that are holding you back from a deeper relationship with him?
  • What things are you facing that look impossible to you?

 “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  (Matthew 19:26 NIV)

May this year be the best year you’ve ever experienced in His presence, His Word and His Glory!


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