Spring/Summer Newsletter


One beautiful spring morning, I decided to take a walk to admire the dew-kissed grass on our property.  Enjoying the walk and time with the Lord, I began to notice more and more weeds.  All of a sudden, I found myself surrounded by weeds!  And, I don’t mean a few here and there, but a bumper crop of weeds!  “How did this happen?” I asked myself.  It was at that moment that the Lord began to minister to me about weeds.  He showed me how spiritual weeds can be present in a believer’s life.  It was quite the eye-opener.

In the physical realm, there is a certain environment where weeds can flourish.  Some of those conditions include overgrazing, soil depletion, neglect, abuse, overuse of chemicals, and the list goes on.  One day you don’t see them and in the matter of days they seem to be everywhere!  As I was noticing the various weeds, I pondered in my mind on how this happened. 

So, the research began!  I began to read about the weeds I saw on our property and educate myself on how to get rid of them.  Thistles and similar weeds grow in an environment that has been left alone and not cultivated.  The soil has not been fed the nutrients it needs, not had enough sunlight or water and poorly managed by overgrazing.    

In a believer’s life, there must be sufficient light (relationship with Jesus), food and water (the Word), cultivation (discipleship/training).  Without these things, the soil is conducive to producing spiritual weeds 

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January Newsletter: New Year - New You!

Resolve (verb):  To settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter). To decide firmly on a course of action.

Resolve (noun):  Firm determination to do something.  Ex: (He received information that strengthened his resolve). 

As each near year begins, all around the world resolutions are being made.  And, many of those resolutions are broken shortly thereafter!  They consist of good intentions and really great ideas, but how many of us really remember last year’s resolutions?  This year, I’ve decided to focus on the ‘faith that knows no boundaries’ which will strengthen my resolve to reach my destiny in Christ.  My resolve is to experience the best year in His presence that I’ve ever had! 

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December Newsletter — “It’s All About You"

The Holidays are here! At Christmas time, we as believers, and most of the world celebrate the birth of Christ.

It’s a wonderful thing to celebrate Jesus’ birth! But, I like to think of Christmas as a time to celebrate His Life from the cradle, to the cross to the crown!

Jesus is more than a baby in a manger at Christmas time. He wasn’t sent to earth to become the brunt of jokes, a curse word in movies or the subject of blasphemous billboards. He’s not just some revolutionary in a history book. He’s the LIVING WORD, the Son of God – the Christ! He is the Gate, the Way, the Truth and the LIFE. Once that revelation is received, nothing else can dictate to you what Jesus means. He is the Lord and He loves YOU!

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